Following up on my last letter about CBD oil, I received several emails from patients telling me how they can’t try it because of their religious beliefs. I hope to clear some misunderstanding about CBD oil.

Marijuana as we know it contains 104 known chemical compounds. THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive compound responsible for giving people the “high” feeling. Another major compound, CBD (cannabidiol), is not associated with this “high feeling” and makes an appealing option for those suffering with chronic pain, anxiety and sleep problem. Think of a bottle of wine, and let’s say we extract alcohol out of the wine and just drink the grape juice. This is what CBD oil is like. CBD oil is all legal all across the country, you can drive and operate machinery, you are not going to get pulled over, and it’s highly unlikely that you will fail drug test.

Here are some benefits of CBD oil:

Helps with pain. There are many documented studies on how CBD oil helps with arthritic pain
and chronic pain. It also relieves cancer related pain.

Reduce anxiety and depression. CBD oil also has well documented results with reducing anxiety and depression and post traumatic stress disorder. The company I work with donates a bottle a month to veterans with PTSD. Also helps with sleep as well.

Reduce seizure activity and other neurological disorders. Several studies that documents CBD oil’s effectiveness on seizure reduction and neuroprotective activity on Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease.

Other benefits include protection against heart disease, diabetes prevention, antipsychotic effects, but mostly we use in the office with some of our challenging patients with arthritis pain. I personally take a 1cc of CBD oil specially formulated for sleep. As with everything else, I wouldn’t recommend something to my patients I personally wouldn’t use.

We have a 7 day trial bottle of CBD oil for sale for $35. A small balm for topical application is also available for the same price. You can come by the office and pick it up. 832-460-6468.