Have you been using pain medication to cope with pain? For those suffering from chronic pain, medication can seem like one of those “necessary evils” to help you get through the day. However, use of painkillers, especially for an extended period of time, can have serious effects on your body and can truly do more harm than good. Let’s talk about how painkillers may not be the best option for treating pain.

Painkillers mask the issue

First and foremost, painkillers are a “Band-aid fix.” While they may provide temporary relief, they do not address the root of the issue. Without proper treatment for the underlying cause of your pain, you can get into a bad cycle of medicating. This can lead to further health problems and even addiction.

Long-term use of pain meds is ineffective for treating chronic pain

Many people suffering with chronic pain have been in pain for many years, sometimes even several decades. The body can actually become immune to the “painkilling” aspect over a long period of time. This can also lead to addiction as people tend to increase their dosage or self-medicate beyond what their doctor prescribed as they become immune to the effects. 

Painkillers come with serious side effects

Whether you’ve been taking pain medication for a few days or several years, there is a long list of side effects to be aware of, including addiction, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, risk of liver damage or ulcers, and more. 

Painkillers aren’t worth the risk

With so many pain management alternatives available, there is no need to continue popping painkillers. The use of (and potential addiction to) them is simply not worth the risk, not to mention that taking medication for damaged tissue or injury doesn’t address the issue it just masks it temporarily. Take your pain into your own hands and kick your pain medication habit to the curb with noninvasive, natural treatments such as stem cell therapy. 

You can learn more about alternative pain management options on our website. It’s time to stop relying on harmful painkillers and get down to the real problem so that you can truly heal and get back to living your life!