What is NAD+ infusion?

NAD is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). My staff calls it the “nad” infusion. I was introduced to NAD infusion by Dr. Craig Koniver (www.koniverwellness.com) who has been using nad infusion to various anti-aging purpose along with stem cell therapy.

What exactly is NAD? If you’ve taken any biology class in school, you may vaguely remember the Kreb cycle, which basically is how we make energy out of the food we eat. NAD is a part of the Kreb cycle, is a derivative of B3 vitamin, basically it is essential to energy production of the body.

Doctors initially discovered that NAD infusion had a great success with patients with schizophrenia but because it wasn’t a drug, as with many natural treatment, it never became mainstream treatment option. Then it made a resurgence when it was discovered that treatment with NAD infusion greatly reduced cravings for alcohol and opioid. There used to be few clinics in the US who offered this treatment and patients used to fly to Mexico to be treated.

NAD came into a new spot light again, thanks to Dr. Sinclair at Harvard University who discovered that NAD has potent anti-aging property and reversed aging. Read the famous “Sinclair NAD study” here

I had just finished 5 treatments of NAD infusions personally. The improvement I notice the most is my energy level. I feel great in the morning but I used to get so tired in the afternoon. Some of you know that I suffered from heart valve problem for years which was healed with stem cell therapy. But I always felt like I was never the same and could never build myself back up again regardless of how much I exercised. When the fatigue comes on in the afternoon, my resting heart rate would always be elevated by 10 to 15 beats. Since NAD treatment, my heart rate stays in the low 70s and there has been a marked increase in my energy level in the afternoon. 3 mile run on weekends at the Memorial park has also been not as painful and I can actually run most of the time vs. huffing and puffing 2/3 of the trail. I was even able to shorten my run time by 7 minutes!! I can see why this is being used for endurance athletics to give them the extra edge in their game.

Recently, I took care of a business man who had a mental break down due to high stress of handling a big project. The anxiety attack put him ER and he called me out of desperation. “I can’t stop thinking about the worse scenario that can happen, I have a constant headache, I can feel my whole neck and head pounding, I don’t know how to stop it.” After 3 treatments, he had much more calm composer, he cleaned around the house, and felt like a functioning normal person again. He also started eating again, his headache has gone away and he can think clearly now.

The treatment itself is not very comfortable. While the drip is going, it can give a very uneasy discomfort in the stomach. The discomfort can be controlled by the drip speed, and depending on the tolerance of the patient, the infusion can take anywhere from 1.5 hour to 4 hours. The very first infusion for me took 4 hours but now i can finish in less than 2 hours. Your body eventually get used to it. And, of course, my mother is about to start her first treatment this week.

There is a plethora of information on the benefits of NAD on the internet.
Here is another link to biohacker Ben greenfield’s on NAD.

Dr. An