Have you heard of Rene Quinton? I honestly can’t believe I’ve been a doctor this long without hearing his name. This man saved thousands of lives in France and Europe by using seawater called Quinton Water.

Rene Quinton was a French physiologist who discovered that marine water from a certain part of the ocean had almost identical salt and mineral composition as human plasma. He perfected the filtration technique by cold processing this marine water and cured diseases in thousands of people. He also experimented on animal models and replace dog’s plasma with Quinton water and the dog recovered without any issue within a day. At the time when many people were dying from infections, sepsis, he saved thousands of lives using this marine water. There also have been documented cases for cancer, leukemia and multiple sclerosis.

There are two types of concentration for Quinton water: Hypertonic and Isotonic.

Hypertonic solution is the pure unaltered form of ocean water. It has all the trace minerals and salts in it’s purest, most natural form. It is mineralizing and has an almost immediate invigorating effect. I drink a shot of it in the morning instead of coffee, and when I feel the afternoon energy dip coming in, I take a shot of it. It has also been essential when I travel by air, as it takes much of travel fatigue away.

The isotonic solution has the mineral and salt concentration most identical to blood plasma. Because of it, it is also called Quinton Plasma. Quinton plasma can also be injected subcutaneously, or intravenously as well. For a while, I was taking care of a church friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Since adding Quinton Water to her treatment, she had more energy and a better appetite.

You can read more about this amazing water here.

Quinton Water comes in 30, 10ml vials which I use for traveling and also in 1-liter glass jars which is far more economical. Vials are $45 and a 1-liter jar is $95. If you’d like to pick up from the office, call 813-463-6279.

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