If you are suffering from peripheral neuropathy, you may have come across one or more common neuropathy myths. Let’s separate fact from fiction and discover how you can best overcome this chronic pain condition naturally.

Myth 1: neuropathy is a sign of aging

False. Neuropathy can occur in younger patients, and many older persons never even experience neuropathy. As nerve damage can occur from a wide variety of causes, it would be wise to get numbness or tingling checked out, then find out the origin of the damage and learn how to reverse it.

Myth 2: There is no cure

While you are bound to come across some negative Nancy types of people who say there is no way to cure neuropathy, that is untrue. Neuropathy can be managed and reversed, enabling patients to get back to living a more normal life. In fact, my team at Campbell Medical Clinic has vast experience helping patients with neuropathy overcome it by addressing the cause itself. We have a variety of services tailored to address each patient’s specific condition, and we always maintain the goal of reversing any damage to the body.

Myth 3: All forms of neuropathy are treated the same

False. Depending on the root cause of your symptoms, your treatment options will vary accordingly. Your neuropathy may have been caused by any number of causes:

  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Trauma to the nerves
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Alcohol abuse

Some types of neuropathy are best addressed through a combination of treatments, such as diet and nutrition, vitamin infusions, regenerative cells, platelet-rich plasma injections or mesenchymal cells.

Myth 4: Neuropathy only affects those with diabetes

A large proportion of diabetic patients do suffer from neuropathy; but all neuropathy patients do not have diabetes — not by a long shot! Even certain medications can bring about the painful numbness and tingling you are getting too familiar with. It is worth noting that if your neuropathy does stem from diabetes, I highly recommend calling for a complimentary consultation to learn your different treatment options. Whatever your decision, you don’t want to let the condition worsen.

Myth 5: Nerves cannot regenerate

Fascinatingly, nerve cells can actually repair themselves and even regenerate. Regenerative cells may be able to help your nerves recover from the damage. Another treatment that has been proven to be successful in rebuilding the protective coating on nerves is very high doses of vitamin B12.

Natural neuropathy relief through regenerative medicine

As a leader in regenerative medicine, I want to help you determine your best options for treatment and recovery. You may have heard me on the radio or read my book, Demystifying Stem Cells. Few doctors have as much experience in regenerative medicine as I do, and my team is passionate about bringing our patients relief from neuropathy naturally. Don’t believe the common neuropathy myths.

I encourage you to take charge of your treatment by calling and scheduling a free consultation today.