There are several types of regenerative treatments for pain, but they are not the same. Stem cell therapy gets the most attention, but it is not your only choice. Here’s a brief guide to stem cell therapy.

There are reasons our doctors do not perform stem cell therapy: stem cells are usually taken from a person’s own body have therefore undergone the aging process. Aging can cause damage and the cells can contain toxins that can be reintroduced into the body through stem cell therapy. The procedures used to collect these stem cells can also be very painful and surgical wounds can leave you susceptible to infection.

Our doctors prefer to use cellular therapy from mesenchymal cells. In this type of natural medicine, we only use regenerative cells harvested from Wharton’s jelly, which is abundant in young healing cells and active growth factors.

By using young regenerative cells, we can reap the benefits of cellular therapy without the damage that can be caused by the aging process. Regenerative cellular therapy has enormous therapeutic potential for cell regeneration, making it useful for a variety of medical treatments.

Adipose Tissue

Adipose tissue is the fatty tissue found in our bodies. This tissue is taken from the patient and placed back into the body where healing is needed. Since these cells are taken from your body, they can contain harmful toxins and cellular damage from the aging process. We do not use this technique of stem cell therapy because it may be less effective due to their age, presence of toxins and their sparseness.

Another reason we do not use this method of therapy is because the procedure to collect these cells can be painful for the patient. Our patients are already in pain and we do not want to cause more for them. The procedure to harvest the adipose cells is like liposuction, where a large cannula, or tube, is inserted into the trunk and extremities to extract the fat tissue from the patient’s body.

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is a soft spongy tissue found in the center of your bones that produces the red blood cells in your body and parts of blood plasma. Stem cells can be harvested from bone marrow tissue. We do not use this form of therapy because these cells have undergone the aging process and are less effective than the stem cells collected from umbilical tissue.

The marrow harvest is a surgical procedure that takes place in a hospital operating room. While under anesthesia the doctor will drill into the rear pelvic bone or femur of the patient. At this time the bone marrow is extracted with a syringe. Several skin and bone pierces are required to extract the necessary amount of bone marrow for transplant which can leave the patient susceptible to infection.

Wharton’s jelly derived mesenchymal cells

Wharton’s jelly is collected from umbilical allografts. These cells are collected at the time of childbirth causing no pain or harm to the mother or baby. Treatments containing these regenerative cells are a successful form of regenerative medicine. By using these fresh, healthy cells, we can capture the powerful healing and growth factors they contain as well as other naturally occurring components. This is not a form of stem cell therapy; this is regenerative cellular therapy.

Our doctors prefer to use regenerative therapy over stem cell therapy using adipose tissue and bone marrow stem cells. By performing this cellular therapy, we can help treat pain successfully with a procedure that is safe and will not cause additional pain in the process.