Have you heard of Rene Quinton? I honestly can’t believe I’ve been a doctor this long without hearing his name. This man saved thousands of lives in France and Europe by using seawater called Quinton Water.

Rene Quinton was a French physiologist who discovered that marine water from a certain part of the ocean had almost identical salt and mineral composition as human plasma. He perfected the filtration technique by cold processing this marine water and cured diseases in thousands of people. He also experimented on animal models and replace dog’s plasma with Quinton water and the dog recovered without any issue within a day. At the time when many people were dying from infections, sepsis, he saved thousands of lives using this marine water. There also have been documented cases for cancer, leukemia and multiple sclerosis.

There are two types of concentration for Quinton water: Hypertonic and Isotonic.

Hypertonic solution is the pure unaltered form of ocean water. It has all the trace minerals and salts in it’s purest, most natural form. It is mineralizing and has an almost immediate invigorating effect. I drink a shot of it in the morning instead of coffee, and when I feel the afternoon energy dip coming in, I take a shot of it. It has also been essential when I travel by air, as it takes much of travel fatigue away.

The isotonic solution has the mineral and salt concentration most identical to blood plasma. Because of it, it is also called Quinton Plasma. Quinton plasma can also be injected subcutaneously, or intravenously as well. For a while, I was taking care of a church friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Since adding Quinton Water to her treatment, she had more energy and a better appetite.

You can read more about this amazing water here.

Quinton Water comes in 30, 10ml vials which I use for traveling and also in 1-liter glass jars which is far more economical. Vials are $45 and a 1-liter jar is $95. If you’d like to pick up from the office, call 813-463-6279.

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Following up on my last letter about CBD oil, I received several emails from patients telling me how they can’t try it because of their religious beliefs. I hope to clear some misunderstanding about CBD oil.

Marijuana as we know it contains 104 known chemical compounds. THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive compound responsible for giving people the “high” feeling. Another major compound, CBD (cannabidiol), is not associated with this “high feeling” and makes an appealing option for those suffering with chronic pain, anxiety and sleep problem. Think of a bottle of wine, and let’s say we extract alcohol out of the wine and just drink the grape juice. This is what CBD oil is like. CBD oil is all legal all across the country, you can drive and operate machinery, you are not going to get pulled over, and it’s highly unlikely that you will fail drug test.

Here are some benefits of CBD oil:

Helps with pain. There are many documented studies on how CBD oil helps with arthritic pain
and chronic pain. It also relieves cancer related pain.

Reduce anxiety and depression. CBD oil also has well documented results with reducing anxiety and depression and post traumatic stress disorder. The company I work with donates a bottle a month to veterans with PTSD. Also helps with sleep as well.

Reduce seizure activity and other neurological disorders. Several studies that documents CBD oil’s effectiveness on seizure reduction and neuroprotective activity on Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease.

Other benefits include protection against heart disease, diabetes prevention, antipsychotic effects, but mostly we use in the office with some of our challenging patients with arthritis pain. I personally take a 1cc of CBD oil specially formulated for sleep. As with everything else, I wouldn’t recommend something to my patients I personally wouldn’t use.

We have a 7 day trial bottle of CBD oil for sale for $35. A small balm for topical application is also available for the same price. You can come by the office and pick it up. 832-460-6468.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, you may feel like surgery is your only option for relief. However, there are many noninvasive treatments that are just as effective as surgery at treating injuries and pain, if not more so. Before you decide to have surgery, you should understand the drawbacks of surgical treatment as well as consider the positive aspects of noninvasive treatments.

Here are five reasons to consider noninvasive treatments as an alternative to surgery:

1. Minimal recovery time

Surgery, especially a major one, can put you out of commission for weeks, or even months, while you recover. With noninvasive treatments such as stem cell therapy, the recovery time is minimal, and sometimes nonexistent. It is even possible to be back to your normal routine the day after noninvasive treatment!

2. Less risk

Any surgery has a certain amount of risk associated. You may experience complications after (or even during) the procedure that can extend or worsen your pain. Noninvasive treatments virtually eliminate risk.

3. Promotes natural, long-term healing

A surgical procedure may attempt to repair your damaged tissue or joints, but does not heal the body. Noninvasive regenerative medicine helps the body physically heal itself. This addresses the root of the problem, strengthens the problem area, and provides a long-term solution for your pain.

4. Cuts out the need for pain medication

Taking pain medication for pain can have serious pitfalls and side effects. If your pain is severe enough for you to be considering surgery, you have probably already taken your fair share of pain meds. It is likely that after surgery, you will need to be on painkillers during the recovery phases, which introduces all the risks associated with taking medication. Because stem cell therapy is noninvasive, you will not have to take pain medication following treatment.

5. Good alternative for high-risk groups

As mentioned, there are many risks associated with surgery. On top of that, some people have conditions that make surgery even more risky, or make it impossible. These people can still find relief from their pain with noninvasive treatments such as PRP or stem cell therapy.

To learn more about noninvasive treatment options, visit our website and make an appointment. Pain relief is possible without surgery, and we hope we can help you get back to a normal, pain-free life.

In the past we have been using Hyaluronic acid injections for generative arthritic knees for many years. Some of the brand names of medicine we’ve been using for this purpose are Supartz, Euflexxa, and Hyalgan. Patients often call these injections “rooster comb shot” because they are harvest from comb of chicken. Hyaluronic acid is essentially, WD40 for your creaky, damaged, dried up joint.

I am excited to announced that now we have a new kind of hyaluronic acid injection that’s been giving us better results. The new injection, called Genvisc, is more synthetic in a sense that it’s grown by bacterial fermentation, however, it is “avian free” or animal, chicken part free. In a short period of time we’ve been using Genvisc, patients are getting better and faster results with this new generation of knee injection.

Another good news is that (regular medicare, not HMO or replacement coverage) has been consistently been covering this injection.

So if you suffer from knee pain, regenerative medicine is out of your budget, or you’ve tried Hyalgan and it didn’t work as good, call Angelica or Karen at 832-463-6279 and tell them you want to come in for Genvisc injection for your knee.

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