In the past we have been using Hyaluronic acid injections for generative arthritic knees for many years. Some of the brand names of medicine we’ve been using for this purpose are Supartz, Euflexxa, and Hyalgan. Patients often call these injections “rooster comb shot” because they are harvest from comb of chicken. Hyaluronic acid is essentially, WD40 for your creaky, damaged, dried up joint.

I am excited to announced that now we have a new kind of hyaluronic acid injection that’s been giving us better results. The new injection, called Genvisc, is more synthetic in a sense that it’s grown by bacterial fermentation, however, it is “avian free” or animal, chicken part free. In a short period of time we’ve been using Genvisc, patients are getting better and faster results with this new generation of knee injection.

Another good news is that (regular medicare, not HMO or replacement coverage) has been consistently been covering this injection.

So if you suffer from knee pain, regenerative medicine is out of your budget, or you’ve tried Hyalgan and it didn’t work as good, call Angelica or Karen at 832-463-6279 and tell them you want to come in for Genvisc injection for your knee.

Until next time,
Dr. An.