Injured? Stem Cells vs. Surgery

When our body is injured, we can lose function in the injured area and often suffer from acute or chronic pain. Usually, people resort to surgery to treat more severe injuries and deal with the invasive procedures, long recovery time, and pain medication as necessary evils that must be endured when undergoing surgery. However, stem cell therapy is a great alternative that nearly eliminates all of the negative aspects of surgery while providing a highly-effective, long-lasting solution to your injury. In this blog post, I am outlining the main advantages of choosing stem cell therapy over surgery.

Stem cell therapy is a noninvasive procedure where stem cells are taken from a source within the body and transferred via injection to the injured area. Because of this, there is no incision, scarring, or anesthesia required.

Injured? Stem Cells vs Surgery Houston, TXNatural healing
The body naturally produces stem cells, so treating an injury with them promotes natural healing. Stem cell therapy, also called regenerative medicine, actually helps regenerate new, healthy tissue and repair the injured, damaged, or diseased tissue to restore function and alleviate pain.

Shorter recovery time
Because stem cell therapy is noninvasive, the recovery time is much shorter. You can get back to your normal life and daily activities quicker than after surgery, sometimes as soon as 24 hours. Also, the need for potentially addictive painkillers after treatment is eliminated.

Less risk of complications
Unfortunately, surgery has many risks associated with it, especially for older people. Risks such as possible blood clots or complications with anesthesia during or after surgery are avoided with stem cell therapy.

A long-term solution
Above all else, stem cell therapy is a long-lasting solution. By actually healing the damaged tissue, it addresses the root of the problem, which provides you with lasting results. If you are looking for a long-term solution to an injury or chronic pain, want to avoid surgery or drugs, reduce the risks of treatment, and get back to feeling 100% sooner, you should strongly consider stem cell therapy.

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