Is Your Body a Toxic Time Bomb?

For some, fitness is a year-round commitment. For others, getting in shape is a sporadic exercise.

And for those who didn’t ditch New Year’s weight-loss resolutions entirely, it’s never too late to re-dedicate, hit the gym, and tone the body.

Even more important, though, is what we put in our bodies. What we eat and drink not only impacts how we look, but how we feel and how healthy we actually are.

And to properly set the tone for the inner body and good overall health, it’s vital to get the bad stuff – toxins – out, and keep them out, says Dr. Suhyun An, an expert on regenerative medicine and co-author of Demystifying Stem Cells: A Real-Life Approach To Regenerative Medicine.

“People may want to look good,” says Dr. An, “but being truly healthy on the inside is a year-round commitment, and you need to start by detoxifying the body.”

“Toxins can severely affect every part of the body. They’re in tons of every-day products. Being aware of them and avoiding them are essential to good health.”

Dr. An can discuss for your listeners how to detoxify their bodies and what products are toxic.

Discussion Questions

  • What is the first step one should take to clean out the toxins in their body?
  • What are some toxic foods to avoid and why?
  • For some people, avoiding toxic foods might entail a complete change in their diet. Are some foods you say to avoid OK on occasion, such as red meat and caffeine?
  • America seems to live on processed food. Is the best rule of thumb to eat things only grown in the ground?
  • What about household cleaners – aren’t they all toxic?
  • What foods or vitamins/substances can rid the body of toxins?
  • Is exercise a good way to release toxins?

About Dr. Suhyun An, DC, MSN, NP-C

Dr. Suhyun An, is the clinical director at Campbell Medical Group in Houston and an expert on regenerative medicine. She is co-author of Demystifying Stem Cells: A Real-Life Approach To Regenerative Medicine and travels the nation speaking on those topics. Dr. An received a BS in Biochemistry and Biophysical Science from the University of Houston, graduated cum laude from Parker College of Chiropractic, and got her master’s in nursing science from Samford University.